Don Cricket Ltd

Welcome to Don Cricket

Donovan Miller is the sole founder of Don Cricket Ltd. He has over 15 years experience of coaching. This includes in, Israel, Africa and The Caribbean! After 7 years, with The Change Foundation, formerly known as Cricket for Change, Donovan decided to set up his own company. Don Cricket Ltd, will be looking to deliver high quality coaching, across all the programmes.

We will be working very close with the county board, in order to deliver a new and exciting format of cricket, in and around Essex. The aim of this, will be to create a pathway for young people, who don’t have access to cricket clubs, by linking them into district and Essex performance squads.

As well as this, we will create opportunities through, educational workshops for young cricketers who may wish to decide to go into coaching. We will provide them, with the right qualifications in order to get them on the right track.

Moreover, we will be working with the Chris Gayle Foundation in Jamaica, to create a pathway for young cricketers who are out of education and also those who struggle to cope with the expensive demand of the game.

Quote from Chris Gayle:

Donovan and I, have known each other for over 18 years. Donovan is not only a good friend, but one of the best young coaches I have worked with. I have had the pleasure, of working with Don in Australia. He has all the right attributes that a coach needs. I'm very impressed with his management skills and his ability, to build up a great understanding, between players and himself. With his excellent coaching skills, I can see him in one of the top coaching jobs in the future. (6th June 2015)

Quote from Khalil Khan:

Playing tape ball cricket in the car park to playing first team cricket for Hainaut was the quickest turn around in my life. Donovan has seen me struggle in tape ball cricket to succeeding in hard ball cricket. He taught me a lot during the 2 years i never felt like he was just a coach, always approached me like a friend who he wanted to succeed. (8th June 2015)